From Day One

From Day One Image Will Ritter Splitboarding
No single edit could capture everything that *is* Spark R&D but From Day One is as close as we've come yet. It highlights Will Ritter's passion for both splitboarding and design, it showcases how proud we are to build our own gear, and it features some banger splitboarding from Spark's athletes and employees!

The Splitboard Project Episode 2

the splitboard project ep 2
The Splitboard Project is a splitboard-specific podcast we're doing with our friends at The Snowboard Project. The episode is co-hosted by industry veteran Mark Sullivan and our very own Will Ritter.

20/21 Production and Inventory Notes

Spark R&D Group Photo 2020
PRODUCTION & INVENTORY NOTES: The purpose of this page is to give splitboarders a little insight into what our current production and inventory situation looks like, what it will look like going through the 20/21 season, and answer a couple of the questions we're seeing a lot right now.

Tamo Campos: Adventures in Japan

Tamo Campos Adventures in Japan
An interview with Spark R&D Team Rider Tamo Campos on his splitboard and bike-packing trip to Japan in the winter of 2020.