Spark R&D Team Trip: 2023

splitboarding in Austria
In January 2023, Will, Luke, and Dan from Spark R&D met up with some of Spark's Team Riders and Shred Fam ambassadors in Badgastein, Austria for three days of splitboarding, high-fives, good meals, and good times.
We weren’t the only ones who made the journey to this years’ Mt. Baker Splitfest. Between the variety of Splitboards on hand from a number of board builders, and the trailer of Spark gear we towed along for demo, there were no shortage of pow grins out on the mountain. Following local’s advice, we made
It nearly took a map and compass to navigate the bustling grid of overflowing rows and aisles to find the spot where our crate was awaiting setup. Upping our floor space to twice what we had last year gave us the opportunity to design a new booth from the ground up. Our work was cut
The craziness that is Trade Shows has come and gone.  The weeks leading up the shows are a time of great stress and anxiety as we have a thousand things to do to get ready:  build prototype gear, create and print a catalog, design and build trade show booths… the list goes on and on. 


After an interesting week of riding in Chamonix, it was time for the Spark crew to press on. So we headed back to Munich, just in time to throw Jeff on a flight to Tokyo for the SBJ and Interstyle trade shows. A quick 13 hours later, he was checking out the latest in shred,

Chamonix Ice Fest

After a hectic run of SIA and ISPO trade shows, and almost a month without riding, we felt it was about time to hit the snow. So we packed up our gear in Munich and drove to Chamonix, France to check out the splitboard scene and visit Zero G, our dealer in Chamonix. We had


MUNICH, GERMANY We had 2 1/2 days after SIA to unpack and re-pack for ISPO, ship out the remainder of our orders, catch up with emails, change our auto-responders, and make sure none of our bags were over 50.0 lbs. It was a mad dash to the airport, but once we were sitting on the
We made our annual migration to SIA at the end of January to showcase our 2011/2012 product and to catch up with some good friends. The last year flew by and with splitboarding becoming more popular worldwide, it’s kept us really busy. It felt good to take a break, get some face time with our