Thomas Delfino

“I hope splitboarding will keep on giving me all it already does. Being close to nature and experiencing the best feelings. That’s what matters to me.” 


Hometown: Nice, France
Currently resides: Grenoble, France
Current sponsors: Picture Organic Clothing, K2, Julbo, Addicted Snowboard Shop
Bindings: Surge Pro, Dyno DH

Thomas bases himself out of the capital of the Alps in Grenoble, France. He continues to make a name for himself in the snowboard world with his freeride prowess and smooth style. His winters have become busy with the many obligations that come with being a pro shred, so he wisely works splitboard trips into his plans each winter. Coming back from epic expeditions in Alaska, Yukon and Pakistan, he plans to keep exploring remote ranges and bring back some astonishing content.

Q & A

During the spring of 2018 I went ton one of the most breathtaking adventures of my life. Going for a splitboard tour in the great Karakoram range of Pakistan. I discovered a new world made of gnarly peaks covered by ice and snow. It was more than just a splitboard experience as we were traveling through this magical landscape.

Stay tuned for the movie we are making about this trip. It's called Zabardast and will be out this winter ;)

Taking advantage of my local mountains, with hopefully a lot of POW! And depending on the Covid 19 pandemic I'm planning a new expedition in some remote ranges in Russia.

I met Cody Booth and Zach Clanton during a trip in the Aleutians Islands we made with Rome. Those two guys became my friends so quickly, and we are really on the same way of thinking.

Being out there in the mountains surrounded by high peaks offering their lines to our eyes.
I could stay in front of a mountain imagining all the lines it has to offer for days.

It's the best backcountry gear - simple and efficient. And the crew is rad!