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The option to lock your heel while touring helps you better adapt to diverse terrain types where quick descents, side stepping, and skate-splitting become more effective means of backcountry travel. Our Step Lock design makes it easier than ever, with the ability to rotate the lever to the locked position, then simply step down to lock the heel. The heel stays securely locked in place until you rotate the lever to the unlocked position.

There is an option to step in to lock, however, please note that this will wear the plastic parts more quickly. Use your hand to manually lock or unlock for the best long-term durability.

T1 Step Lockers require approximately 3.5 in. / 89 mm between the rear heel rest insert and your puck to allow clearance for the lever to swing between positions.

Weight: 1.5 oz/ea (42g) - 3.0 oz/pr (84g)

Easy Lock: Rotate the lever from left to right to lock the binding down. The lever should rotate easily and you should feel it engage into both locked and unlocked positions. Lock bar grabs underneath the baseplate.

Easy Installation: Locker assembly screws in under the T1 heel rest.

Safety: Forward releasable for added safety.

Compatible with all Tesla T1 bindings (Men’s and Women’s Arc & Surge including Pro models, as well as the T1 Burton Hitchhiker & Nitro Vertical Bindings).
T1 Step Lockers are NOT compatible with Riser Kits.