Spark R&D Expansion!

We’re pleased to announce that last October, we finalized the purchase of a second 7,000 sq/ft building across the street from the 12,000 sq/ft building we’ve utilized for over ten years. We explored numerous options for expansion, including building another facility, but ultimately, we were able to work with a local family that owned the building adjacent to us. This building has housed multiple businesses over the last 3 decades under their ownership, and it feels nice to become stewards of the building putting the space to good use.
Episode 4 is the Splitfest episode! It features live check-ins from the Bozeman Splitfest in Montana, an interview with Spark's Marketing Manager, Dan Ventura, an Ask Will segment, and an excellent interview with Neil Provo.

Treasure State Series

Last season, we set out to film three short splitboard edits in our home state of Montana. We wanted to ride three different ranges, with three different groups, and tell three unique stories.
Episode 3 (S2) of The Splitboard Project features an interview with Robin Van Gyn, a live chat with Will Ritter on the skin track, a discussion on maple syrup, and a Bucket List conversation on splitboarding in the Pyrenees.
In Episode 2 of Season 2, Mark and will again chat splitboarding with Will on the actual skin track. Mark also talks splitboarding in New Zealand with Mike Handford and catches up with Wasatch legend, Mike Meru. Towards the end of the show, Will takes time to answer a grip of listener questions in the 'Ask Will' segment.
In Episode 1 of Season 2, Mark catches Will on the skin track for the podcast's first field conversation. Mark also chats with Ryland Bell about backcountry shredding in Alaska, gets some pro tips from Chad Otterstrom, and talks early season prep with Will.
The splitboard project 6
In episode 6 of The Splitboard Project Will answers listener questions and gives some helpful hints to get the most out of your spring touring. The episode also has interviews with Melissa Brander and Griffin Siebert. This is the final episode of season 1.

What’s in Will’s Pack?

what's in Will Ritters Pack image
This is what Spark R&D owner and lead designer, Will Ritter, carries in his pack on an average day splitboarding in the backcountry.

The Splitboard Project Episode 4

The splitboard project ep 4
In episode 4 of The Splitboard Project, Will answers listener questions and discusses different field fixes he has learned over the years. The episode also features interviews with Spark team riders Antti Autti and Byron Bagwell.

The Splitboard Project Episode 3