Spark R&D Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest in Spark R&D sponsorship. We work with individuals and organizations in a number of different ways.


Sponsored Athletes

We are proud to sponsor the best splitboarders on the planet! Our athlete team consists of three unique programs: the Team Riders, the Guide Crew, and the Shred Fam. Occasionally, spots open up in our sponsorship programs, but we place an emphasis on supporting and sticking with the riders who have been with us long term.

If you would like to be considered for our team please note the following:

  • Successful candidates will submit a full rider resume with information including but not limited to: a statement about why they should be considered, other sponsors, splitboard missions, social media channels, video parts, splitboard pictures, their home mountains, etc.
  • Team decisions are usually made during June for the upcoming winter. Please turn in your application/resume by May to be considered.
  • Email address for your rider resume/application:



Individually Sponsored Projects

Each season we sponsor a couple of interesting, splitboard-specific projects - we love to hear and see what splitboarders are doing in the world! Generally, project sponsorship comes in the form of gear support and not financial contributions.

Project submissions that receive sponsorship usually include a plan that covers:

  • Project overview and timeline
  • Other sponsors
  • Budget
  • Video/film component
  • Plan for distribution

Basically, an organized, well thought out project that demonstrates a need for new gear, and the ability to showcase that gear in a positive and unique way.

We make decisions on what projects to support in October and November. Please email your project submission to by mid-October to ensure consideration.


Raffle Items for Benefits and Fundraisers

We support numerous organizations with gear and swag to help with their fundraising efforts. Our main focus for this is on avalanche safety and education, although we do consider other requests. The earlier in the season events are submitted, the better the chances are that we can set aside some product to help. If you are interested in Spark R&D support for an event, please email and include the following information:

  • The name of your organization
  • The name of the event
  • The event date(s)
  • How the donated product will be used
  • How funds from the event will be used