We are proud to offer a Proform program to outfit backcountry professionals with dependable and high-performance gear, while promoting the sport of splitboarding through their everyday work. Please note that demand for Spark R&D gear will be very high this season. It is unlikely we will have bindings available on our website at any point during the winter of 22/23. We highly recommend you talk to your local Spark dealer or regularly check one of the many online retailers that carry our gear. We begin shipping to our dealers in October.

Who qualifies?

  • Splitboard Guides
  • Avalanche Forecasters and Researchers
  • Ski Patrol / Winter Search & Rescue

Who doesn't qualify?

  • Snowboard Shop Employees ("Shopform" is handled through your shop directly - please inquire with your supervisor.)
  • Ski Area Employees
  • Those generally employed in the outdoor industry

If you feel that you meet the eligibility requirements, please fill out the application below:

    Your Information

    Proof of Eligibility:


    Shipping Address

    Billing Address


    • If approved, use of this proform program is for you, personally, and may not be used to purchase items for friends or family.
    • Proform orders are limited to in-stock items only. Inventory changes daily, however, there is no guarantee that the item you want will become in-stock at any point in the season.
    • We reserve the right to use factory "blems" to fulfill proform orders. All products are of first quality structurally, but may possess minor cosmetic blemishes.
    • We reserve the right to send you a different color item than what you ordered.
    • Pricing and product availability can change at any time.
    • All proform orders are final.
    • No phone calls please.
    • Proform privileges expire one year from the date of issue.