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We continuously ship to our dealers throughout the season and once dealer orders are fulfilled, we allocate some of our stock to our website. Some seasons we sell out after fulfilling dealer pre-orders. As a result, we don’t have much left over to sell direct from our website. At Spark R&D we believe in supporting your local snowboard shop! If an item says out of stock, please check with your local dealer to see if they have inventory on hand. Our dealer locator is here. We may not have inventory for sale on the web store until mid-winter to early spring, and can’t guarantee that any stock will become available.

We can ship via USPS and UPS both domestically and internationally.

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If your product has a valid warranty issue we will repair or replace the product free of charge. In the event that an exact replacement (model, size, and/or color) is no longer available we will replace your product with one of comparable performance, size and value. For issues relating to warranty please contact us via our online warranty form.

Spark R&D does not accept or consider unsolicited product ideas. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, artwork or other works (“submissions”) in any form to Spark R&D. The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid potential future disputes when our products might seem similar to ideas submitted to Spark R&D. If despite our request that you do submit your ideas, any submissions will become the property of Spark R&D. None of the submissions shall be subject to any obligation of review, confidentiality or compensation.


Tesla bindings utilize our side lock snap ramp system, a two wire climbing setup and touring brackets with integrated crampon installation.

T1 bindings have all of the above with an upgraded two position single wire climbing system (Whammy Bars) and our Rip 'N' Flip Highbacks featuring tool free forward lean adjusters with an adjustment range of -13° to +22°.

Both feature the Tesla T1 binding system.

The Arc splitboard binding is lightweight with medium flex for long tours, epic overnighters, trees and steeps. The baseplate is CNC machined with maximum cutouts to shave weight yet maintain strength and performance while incorporating our industry leading Tesla T1 binding anatomy.

The Surge is our stiffer model binding and is preferred by our bigger, more aggressive riders. Solid baseplate design, stiffer Rip ‘N’ Flip highbacks, more supportive ankle straps combine to give riders greater control in demanding terrain.

The Magneto is the lighter and more flexible of our Tesla models. The AfterBurner is a bit stiffer and offers more support.

A small dab of lubricant is added to the friction point between the climbing wires and baseplate during assembly. If you’re experiencing too much resistance when engaging your climbing wires you can re-lubricate the friction point with silicone, lithium grease, or any number of other lubricants. A dab of chap-stick also works in a pinch!

Spark R&D has collaborated with Burton to produce a custom, limited edition splitboard specific binding called the Hitchhiker. The Hitchhiker combines our T1 Arc baseplate with Burton-designed straps and highbacks. The Hitchhiker is available exclusively through Burton distribution channels.  More info can be found here.

Yes! The two wire Hitchhiker is compatible with Spark R&D accessories, including the Sabertooth and Ibex Crampons, 2nd Board Kit, and Tesla Heel Lockers.  In 16/17 the Hitchhiker was upgraded to the Tesla T1 system.

T1 Hitchhikers are compatible with Spark R&D accessories, including Whammy Bars, Ibex Crampons, 2nd Board Kits, and T1 Heel Lockers.


To prevent the pin from falling out while riding or touring, the arm of the pin should be tucked under the toe strap next to your boot.

If you have a forward angle on your rear binding, you may not be able to secure the pin in ride mode due to interference with the heel rest. If this happens, just slide the pin in from the opposite side of the binding. You may need to re-adjust the leash length by loosening the toe buckle screw.  Alternatively, you may want to attach the pin on the other side of the binding.


The Voile crampons use a different pin system and attach on the outside of the touring bracket and therefore are NOT compatible with any Spark R&D bindings. We sell our own crampons which are compatible with our bindings. Check them out here.

Blaze and Burner bindings require Mr. Chomps crampons

Arc, Surge, Magneto, and AfterBurner bindings require Sabertooth or Ibex crampons

Yes, but you’ll need to swap out the long plastic bars at the installation point of the crampon with the shorter plastic bars included in the LT Bracket Kit.

Starting in 16/17 shorty bars will be included with the Mr. Chomps crampons.


Tesla (Magneto & AfterBurner) and T1 (Arc & Surge) system bindings come with their own touring brackets and heel rests. The climbing wires for ascending uphill terrain are built right into the base of the bindings. You will need a set of Spark Pucks, Spark Canted Pucks or Voile Pucks to attach your bindings to your factory splitboard. We also recommend getting the Ibex Crampons to help get you up steep or icy terrain.

If you are using Spark R&D pin bindings – Blaze, Burner, Fuse, or Ignition – on a factory made splitboard you need the LT BracketsVoile Dual Height Climbing Heels, and Spark Pucks.

All Spark R&D bindings are compatible with Spark Pucks, Spark Canted Pucks, Voile Pucks (Regular or Canted) and Burton Channel Pucks, as well as One Binding System mounting plates. Note: The use of Spark bindings on any other manufacturer’s puck system is not recommended and may void your warranty.

If you are having a hard time sliding your bindings onto Voile Pucks check to make sure that the rubber gaskets are installed underneath your pucks. If not, install the gaskets right now! Spark Pucks don’t require a rubber gasket.

If your pucks are brand new, the fit might feel tight but will break in after just a couple of times changing over. If it feels like your bindings are jamming, check your puck alignment and make adjustments as necessary. This Board Setup page may help with fine tuning. There is also a strip of sandpaper included with your bindings that can be used to sand the puck in order to fine tune the fit.

Yes! Check out the Spare Parts page.  If you can’t find that you’re looking for contact our warranty department and we’ll get you squared away.

No. This will ruin your skins.

Store your skins in a cool, dry place. Use skin savers if you have them.

Spark Skins Storage


If you have Voile pucks check your puck installation and make sure the Inline Disc (One Slot) is on the heel side of your board and the Parallel Disc (Two Slot) is on the toe side. For stance angles between roughly -12° and 12° the “A” on the Inline Disc should point toward the board centerline.  For steeper angles, the “B” should point toward the board centerline. This Board Setup page has suggestions for getting your board and bindings just right.

If you have Spark Pucks simply loosen the puck screws and use your guide or baseplate to adjust your position accordingly. There is a setup and user guide in the specs section of the Spark Pucks page.

Start by moving the adjuster or ladder to the forward most position. Insert a 3/16 head flathead screwdriver in the gap between the adjuster/ladder and the baseplate. Simultaneously twist the screw driver and rotate the adjuster/ladder to the back position while pushing down on the adjuster/ladder to pop it up and out. Check out the video below for a visual demonstration.

A small dab of lubricant is added to the friction point between the climbing wires and baseplate during assembly. If you’re experiencing too much resistance when engaging your climbing wires you can re-lubricate the friction point with silicone, lithium grease, or any number of other lubricants. A dab of chap-stick also works in a pinch!

It is the future of Splitboard training.

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