Hometown: Truckee, CA, USA
Currently resides: In the Loneliest town in America
Guides for: West Wind Collective, Pulseline Adventure, Splitboard Guides International
Current Sponsors: Jones Snowboards, MTNMNY
Bindings: Surge ST Pro

Jason has been a mountain guide on and off the snow for the past fifteen years. He is a certified AMGA Splitboard Guide, an Alaska heli guide, and an AIARE avalanche educator. Jason spends most of his time in the North Lake Tahoe area of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Backcountry snowboarding and mountaineering are his passions as well as his profession and now teaching snow safety and best practice is his pursuit. During the summer, he enjoys spending days by the lake or the ocean with his wife and their two boys. During winter, Jason is happy to be camping in a tent at the base of the best snowboard lines he can find from California to Alaska.

Q & A

How long have you been guiding?

Seventeen years!


Who has most influenced you as a guide and how?

My first influences and still to this day some of my most trusted Splitboard partners are Layton and Ondo. Really in the process of becoming a guide and avalanche educator, I've met so many mentors and it continues to be a learning experience. What is even more interesting is when the younger guides you've brought up start teaching you a new approach or techniques of moving in the mountains.


What certifications do you have?

AMGA Splitboard Guide, Avalanche Forecaster and Instructor, US Heli Mechanized Ski Guide.


What are you most excited about for the 23/24 season?

Offering cat access Splitboarding in the Northern Sierra with West Wind Collective, presenting at this year's Tahoe Splitfest in February, Guiding and porter for the Yosemite toad tour, and a full season of Remote Tour Camps with Pulseline Adventure in the Chugach of Alaska. 


Why ride Spark R&D gear?

Spark bindings are sturdy, durable, and proven to be reliable in the field. Whether on a week-long traverse, cold winter temperatures, or wet heavy snow, the Spark R&D binding design and components are the best in all types of splitboarding conditions.