“Splitboarding has opened the gates. We can travel further and easier in the backcountry…It’s really amazing for me. It’s just another great aspect of snowboarding that makes this journey way more fun and interesting.”


Hometown: Albuquerque, NM, USA
Currently resides: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Guides for: Stellar Adventure Travel, Sled Chile
Current sponsors: Eddie Bauer, Jones Snowboards, Smith, Blue Bird, Cheetah Factory Racing, Prival
Bindings: Surge Pro
Chris Coulter has been snowboarding for more than two decades. Originally drawn to contests and coaching, Chris now focuses primarily on the backcountry. Working as a guide in Colorado, Alaska, Chile, and Argentina, he spends his year “chasing winter” around the world and taking people into the mountains.  “That’s what makes me happy,” he said, “sharing the mountains, playing with gravity, and getting to know people through this great experience of riding snow.”
Q & A

I have my Avalanche Pro 1 and OEC.

Skylar Holgate, Fabio Grasso, Aaron Brill, Reggie Crist, Tom Wayse, Scott Newsome  to be honest this list goes on and on. Almost everyone I interact with in the mountains - coworkers, clients, and instructors - all influence me. My peers in general influence me to better myself all the time, and reflect on good and bad days. Self and group analysis of your time in the mountains helps you get better. If you're spending time in the mountains and you are not learning, than you're not paying attention.

Getting back on snow and riding in Alaska.

Spark R&D gear is light, durable, and works great in the harsh winter elements. It's easy to use making transitioning fast and intuitive. Spark R&D makes improvements on their products every season. It's truly been a pleasure and a life changing experience to use the Spark products the last ten years.