Splitfests 101

Everything you need to know to attend a splitfest!

The days are starting to get notably longer and we’re officially approaching the second half of the season. While some resorts are beginning the count down to closing weekend, splitboarders are just getting ramped up. Snowpack stability is generally improving, the shorter dark days of winter are behind us, and it's also time for splitfests!


With most events being canceled the last two seasons, we’re even more stoked than normal to hang out and splitboard with our friends all over the world! Whether you’re a skin track veteran, weekend warrior, or new to splitboarding, there is something for everyone at these awesome events!


We reflected on our years of experience attending splitfests to create this Splitfest 101 guide. It covers everything you need to know to attend and get the most out of your splitfest experience. Enjoy!

What the heck is a splitfest?

It is a splitboard-specific event and rallying point for splitboarders around the world. Some events are large gatherings, some are smaller, some are highly organized, while others are a bit more loosely run affairs. Each event has its own unique vibe and attributes. The common thread is that every event gathers the splitboard community to ride together and share their collective stoke for backcountry shredding. 

Bozeman splitfest
Climb the mountain austria
silverton splitfest

Who goes to a splitfest?

Lots of people! You'll find folks of all ages, experience levels, and backgrounds. That's one of the best parts of a good splitfest - seeing and meeting people from all over that are all either interested in learning about splitboarding or are experienced on the skin track and ready to go shred.


If you're rolling solo or are unfamiliar with the local mountains, signing up for a guided tour is a great way to learn a new area and meet some other splitboarders. 

Can I try new gear?

Almost always. Every splitfest is a little different but the general idea is there are specific times to demo gear and mingle. This is an opportunity to talk to the brands about the gear and chat with other splitboarders. Depending on the event you’ll either demo the gear for the next day or the entire weekend.

Frankie and Ethan at Baker Splitfest

Are there educational opportunities?

Usually. There are often talks given by the local avalanche centers on current conditions and presentations on various avalanche safety topics. Here’s a link to a presentation we recorded at the Silverton Splitfest way back in 2016. Beyond conditions talks and presentations, there are often beginner and more advanced on-snow clinics offered. You usually have to sign up for these in advance so check the event website or reach out to the event organizers for more information.


Doing a little research on the brands and what they offer can help you get the most out of the demo. Brands are happy to explain their products but you can ask better questions if you have a little base knowledge.  

What splitfests are out there?

A lot! We’ll list out a bunch below but know that there are probably more out there. Also, keep in mind a lot of events were canceled this winter. Next season, there will be even more opportunities. 

Bozeman Splitfest

Dates: March 5-6
Location: Bozeman, MT USA

Teton Splitfest

Dates: March 11-13
Location: Jackson Hole, WY USA


Dates: March 19-20
Location: Cairngorn, Scotland

Baker Splitfest

Dates: March 25-27
Location: Glacier, WA USA

Bulgarian Splitboard Fest

Dates: March 25-27
Location: Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria

Cascadia Splitfest

Dates: April 1-3
Location: Crystal Mountain, WA USA

Front Range Splitfest

Dates: April 1-3
Location: Winter Park, CO USA

Silverton Splitfest

Dates: April 14-17
Location: Silverton, CO USA

Oregon Splitfest

Dates: April 15-17
Location: Mt. Hood, OR USA

Splitfest DownUnder

Dates: August 27-28
Location: NSW Australia

NZ Splitfest

Dates: September 2-4
Location: Temple Basin, NZ

Climb the Mountain

Dates: January, 27-29 2023
Location: Silvretta, Austria

What splitfests will Spark R&D be attending?

We will be at Bozeman Splitfest, Teton Splitfest, Baker Splitfest, Front Range Splitfest, and Silverton Splitfest in person. 

You'll find Spark demo bindings at UpBattle in Scotland and the Bulgarian Splitboard Fest.

Can I win awesome prizes?

Most splitfests have a raffle or auction that benefits a local avalanche center or other non-profit, so yes, there is an opportunity to win some sweet gear. There are usually a few splitboards, some split bindings, packs, jackets, and other outdoor gear available as prizes.

I'm on the fence, can you stoke me out with some splitfest content that makes me want to go?


Baker Splitfest Rules!

Some of our favorite shots from Baker Splitfest

touring at baker splitfest
byron bagwell steeps at baker splitfest
frankie devlin

Silverton Splitfest has always been one of our favorites!

silverton splitfest
Ethan and huff touring at silverton splitfest

And we can't forget about Bozeman Splitfest right in our own backyard!

In Closing

Splitfests are a ton of fun. As a company, we’ve missed going to splitfests the last few years and we’re really looking forward to them this winter and spring. They are a fun way to connect with the splitboard community and share the collective stoke for human-powered shredding. Whether you are a backcountry veteran or are just getting started with backcountry missions, there is something for everyone at a splitfest!


If you see us there, please come give us a high-five!  Wait, are we doing high-fives again? Maybe we take it slow and start with an elbow bump or air high-five. 

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