Spark R&D's April Fool's Day Library

2016 - 2019


Over the last four years, we've had a lot of fun creating an April Fool's Day video each spring. With everything going on in the world we didn't feel like our heart was in it to create a new video in 2020, but we did want to give everyone a needed chuckle. So, we compiled our last four videos in one place for everyone to easily enjoy.

We'll be back in 2021 with a fresh April Fool's Day video, we promise :)

Splitbordic Track - 2016

Like many of the good ideas at Spark R&D, the SplitbordicTrack was a Will Ritter original. He bought it locally off of Craigslist and was initially using it for crosstraining (no, not with the split bindings). The tech was just a bit dated so he donated the equipment to the marketing department to use as they saw fit. With April Fool's Day approaching, the choice was obvious.

Splinder - 2017

Another Will Ritter original. Like SplitbordicTrack, the idea of Splinder has practical roots as Will felt it would be cool if there was a better way to bring the splitboard community together using apps or other technology. These conversations morphed into Tinder but for splitboard touring partners. 

So many people liked this idea that we did some very brief research into what a real version of this would look like. 

Spark Tank - 2018

For a time, many of our Sales and Marketing meetings would begin with a five-minute discussion about what we recently watched on the show Shark Tank. As we got closer to April Fool's Day we eventually decided to make a video trying to pitch SplitbordicTrack to the Sharks. The marketing guys were curious if they could figure out how to do a green screen type video which they did (actually a purple screen). This was a fun project. The hardest part was finding the best clips of the Sharks. 

Always Testing - 2019

We talked about a lot of different ideas for the 2019 video but we ended up choosing this one because we could involve so many people at Spark R&D. Old ESPN SportsCenter ads were one of our sources of inspiration.