In episode six of the Spark R&D Podcast we spoke with photographer Zach Clanton. Zach spends a ton of time in the backcountry and filled us in on his photography, his affinity for human powered travel, sketchy plane landings, his AK split mission to “Storm Troopers” with Thomas Delfino last winter, and more!
In honor of Manufacturing Day 2017, a day devoted to modern manufacturing and inspiring the next generation of manufacturers, we spoke with Ethan about his role in the manufacturing process here at Spark R&D. In the interview, he discusses how he became an engineer, his role and responsibilities at Spark R&D, and of course, how much he’s looking
An interview with Patrick Shoekel – the founder and lead contributor to the blog
Richard Bothwell, the Executive Director of AIARE (The American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education), spoke with us at SIA 2017. We discuss how Richard came to work with AIARE, what AIARE is, and where he sees the organization going in the future.
Becca and Will Ritter, the co-owners of Spark R&D, were nice enough to take some time to chat with us for the podcast. We talked about how Spark R&D began, some highs and lows over the last 10 years, and their hopes for the future.
We had a chance to chat with Spark R&D Ambassador Frankie Devlin. We discuss the Silverton Splitfest, his latest trip to Denali and more, all from from the backyard of Spark R&D owner and founder, Will Ritter.