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I Support My Avalanche Center T-Shirts

~ Get a sweet t-shirt or hoody and we'll make a donation to your local avalanche center ~

Avalanche Centers play a crucial role in our mountain communities. They are out in the mountains every day collecting information to produce the forecasts, they are organizing user observations, and they are running clinics & courses to educate new and veteran backcountry travelers.

Avalanche centers are run as non-profit organizations and rely heavily on the help of the backcountry communities in which they serve. When you purchase an 'I Support My Avy Center' t-shirt or hoody, Spark R&D will donate $20 to the avalanche center of your choosing! Don't know what or who your local avalanche center is? A quick internet search will help or check out the advisory page on

 Beyond your local avalanche center, there are many ways to get information on safe backcountry travel. Check out our own Avalanche Safety and Resources page or head to the Know Before You Go website.

T's are printed on super soft 100% cotton.

Women's: Slim Fit

Men's: Regular Fit