Split Fitness: Summer Activities that Will Help You Prepare for the Splitboard Season

Starting the touring season from scratch fitness-wise is tough, but you don't have to spend the summer in the gym to not feel terrible on your first tour. Just keep up with your regular off-season recreation, or consider picking up a new hobby!

Ettore Personnettaz

Ettore is a longtime Spark Team Rider. In the summer, he is a certified mountain bike guide and instructor in the Aosta Valley in Northern Italy.

"I have dedicated myself to mountain biking in the summer for the last ten years. Biking is excellent training for me and allows me to focus on two objectives: first, to share my passion for biking with both children and adults. And secondly, I get to explore and study the mountains and then enjoy an exciting and technical descent. The second objective fits perfectly with my winter splitboard philosophy. I appreciate that biking and splitboarding bring on similar emotions for me, just a different means of travel. I also appreciate that biking keeps me in shape for the splitboard season, and, splitboarding keeps me ready for the mountain bike season. Poudzo!"

  Photo: Josh Willink

Antti Autti

Antti Autti
Antti is a Finnish freerider, splitboarder, and member of the Spark R&D Team. He spends most of his winter on his splitboard seeking incredible lines in the Arctic.

"I started trail running about 5 years ago. My main reason was that I wanted to find more endurance strength for long splitboard missions during the winter. At first it was terrible to run but little by little I started to like it and now it’s my go-to hobby in summer. It’s a fun way to explore new places and get a workout at the same time. Also in the winter I'm carrying a lot of equipment to the mountains, so it’s a nice change that in summer. I’m mainly relying on good running shoes, shorts, and a super light jacket in case it gets a bit breezy."

We know some of the above may be obvious, but the main point we’re making here is that it is important to stay active! Just get out there! And if time is tight, make yourself a calendar where you allot a certain amount of time for outdoor activities. Don’t lose the fitness you built up last winter on the skin track by taking it too easy over the summer and fall. It’s worth mentioning that there are lots of ways to stay active beyond what we listed above, that was just the low-hanging fruit. Anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat is likely decent training if you’re doing enough of it.


The final point we’d like to make does not involve actual physical fitness. We were thinking about this as we discussed topics for a fitness article – it’s ok to give yourself a bit of a break during the summer too. We want to encourage you to think about your fitness, but don’t shy away from enjoying some activities that let you chill out a bit. Thinking about avalanche safety, group dynamics, and route selection during the winter or in our case in Montana, thunderstorms and bears in the summer, can be a lot. Allowing yourself some recreational time with lower consequences is perfectly normal, and often necessary. Fishing, softball, and golf, while not amazing training, are great activities. Not everything has to be splitboard training. Just our ten cents.


Follow the links below to read more on split fitness. Enjoy your summer, we’ll see you on the skin track.

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