Montana Masks & The Good Person Awards

Montana Masks & The Good Person Awards


In March of 2020, we made a pretty big shift. We went from manufacturing splitboard bindings and accessories to producing ‘beyond crisis capacity’ PPE masks called the Montana Mask. We manufactured a mold based on an already existing 3D print design and then utilized our injection-molding machines to begin producing thousands of masks a day. Check out one of the links below to learn more about our work on the Montana Mask project.


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The Snowboarders' Journal -

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To date, we’ve manufactured over 65,000 masks and worked with other organizations to produce thousands more. Our masks have shipped to all 50 states and six different countries! A project like this doesn’t happen without the help and cooperation of a lot of people. Throughout the Montana Mask project, we’ve been blown away by not only the efforts of some amazing people here at Spark R&D, but also by so many folks from a variety of different industries. It was a true team effort to get these masks made! 


To thank and recognize these awesome individuals who helped with the Montana Mask project we created the
Good Person Awards (made right here at Spark HQ, of course).

Good Person Awards

For Outstanding Service During a Global Pandemic.

You have been presented this Spark R&D Good Person Award for your contribution to your fellow humans. Thank you!

Marlin "Dusty" Richardson, MD - Inventor of the Montana Mask

Spencer E Zaugg, DMD - Inventor of the Montana Mask

Colton Zaugg - Inventor of the Montana Mask

DeEtte Jones - Montana Mask website and volunteer coordinator

Corie Hawks - Montana Mask website and volunteer coordinator

Jim Duncan - Billings Clinic Foundation

Brad Reid - Diversified Plastics

Paddy Fleming - Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

Pete Carney - c3-Design Innovations

Todd Spangler - Whitefish, MT High School Teacher

Matt Poischbeg - Sea-Lect Plastics

Nick Romero - Thrive Industries 

Tom Joseph - Epiphany ENV

Mike Hiler - Flow-Rite Controls

Mike Groff - Plastic Design & Manufacturing

Derick Singleton - A&K Transport

Chet Jordan - Backwoods BMP

Peter Yegen - Billings Flying Service, Inc

Shane Rekdal - Flow Mark/Hightech Filters

Lance Neirby - Montana Silversmiths

Scott Hartwick - Moldworx

Arlene Lisa Rock - Web designer for Make the Masks

Ethan Marcoux - Spark R&D, Machining

Cory Deegan - Spark R&D, Machining

Kyle Emge - Spark R&D Machining 

Marcus Zubiate - Spark R&D, Plastics

Luke Dale - Spark R&D, Sales Manager

Matt McKee - Spark R&D, COO

Becca Ritter - Spark R&D, CFO

Just a few of the Good Person Award recipients with their award

 Spark R&D engineers and machinists working on  first mold designs

The first masks ready to head to Billings

Social distance high-five after the first drop off

Montana Masks being put to good use

This has been a very rewarding project. We pushed ourselves hard, learned a lot, and got to work with some great people along the way. We'd like to again thank all the Spark employees and people from all the different industries that helped make this project possible. This would not have happened, and certainly not as quickly, without the amazing efforts of some very Good People!


You can learn a little bit more about the nuts and bolts of the Montana Mask project by visiting our mask information page


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