Sabertooth Upgrade Program

At Spark R&D we’re always working on ways to improve our products, and your time in the backcountry. We’ve gone through a number of versions of crampons and touring brackets since first introducing our Tesla bindings for the 2013/14 season. Our latest versions are a significant improvement over the initial versions we’ve released, so we are replacing the older ones for free. Click below for more details!


3 Comments to “ Sabertooth Upgrade Program”

  1. Jeff says :

    Hi. I currently have sabertooth crampons for my hitchhikers. I’m planing on replacing bindings with new arc bindings. Do I need new ibex crampons or will my sabertooth ones still fit?

  2. Dan Ventura says :

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for reaching out. We don’t see a ton of comments on our older blogs, so apologies for the delayed response. Your best bet here is to drop our gear wizards a line at They can walk you through any compatibility questions and direct you how to proceed.

  3. Gary Schillhammer says :

    I have old Sabertooth bindings and I’m switching to a hard Oot setup. Can I upgrade my bindings to fit the Dynafit toepiece?

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