17/18 Surge Review – Mountain Weekly News

For the guy or gal that runs stiff boots and loves a stiff binding, the Spark R&D Surge was designed with you in mind. A burly, big mountain crusher binding designed by Spark R&D.  This binding is not for the faint of heart.

According to Spark R&D’s website the Surge is :

preferred by our bigger, more aggressive riders

I couldn’t agree more.  I weight 155lbs and ride light on my feet.  So when I first mounted these bindings on a 14″ powder day they were a little harder than I expected to ride.  The flex of the binding was not as forgiving while wearing a pair of snowboard boots that were on the softer side.  So I went back up the next day with a different pair of much stiffer boots, the Vans Pat Moore Infuse, and instantly noticed the binding performed 100% better.  If you plan to run the Surge Binding be sure you also have a pair of stiff boots to match. https://mtnweekly.com/reviews/spark-rd-surge-splitboard-binding-review/