17/18 Arc Review – Splitboarding.eu

Established since years now the ARC Splitboard Binding is the lightweight model from Spark. This year it comes with the brand new Pillowline Straps which give much more comfort and some weight savings. Also the Whammy Bar, which makes it easier to use the heel risers comes included in the package. With the new RIP‘ N‘ Flip Highback you change your Binding Setup from Touring- into Hike-Mode in less than 4 seconds. For wide strides at the ascent you can set up 13 degree “Backward-Lean” and to enjoy the powder at it’s fullest you can adjust the Forward-Lean from 0 up to 22 degrees. https://www.splitboarding.eu/en/splitboard/splitboard-bindung/spark-arc-17-18

What we liked while testing the ARC 17-18?

  • The Pillowline Straps feel like you don’t have a binding even if you are strapped in tight your power transmission is amazing
  • The Whammy Bar eases up the use of the Heel Risers so no fiddling anymore when you want to use it. Big plus for more comfort
  • The Tesla System, super easy changeover even at heaviest conditions.
  • The Rip N Flip Highback easy and powerful
  • The low weight
  • The high quality in processing and the whole concept
  • The combination of the new Pucks and the Binding, everything really smooth and even better power transmission

What we didn’t like?

Just positive impressions