Dirksen Derby This Weekend

Dates: December 11-12, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday) . Saturday: The running order for Saturday will be as follows:   Grom Snowboarders will go first thing in the morning, then the Women Snowboarders, followed by the “Older and Wiser division”.  The Sit-Skiier divisions (which include mono-ski and bi-ski) will have the choice of dropping whenever they want
SILVERTON, CO – November 29, 2010 – Venture Snowboards and Ska Brewing are once again teaming up to welcome winter in style with their Sixth Annual Season Kickoff Party scheduled for Saturday, December 4th (Silverton Mountain’s opening day). For the sixth year running, the two homegrown Colorado companies are producing a small run of custom

Early Season Dump

Check out some Friends of Spark getting some early season work in at Mt. Hood Meadows. Big thanks to Jacob Hase for sharing the pics.

The Blaze Binding Weighs In

So by now everyone has seen the new Blaze binding. Originally we had estimated our new binding weight rolling in at a trim 868 grams. An assured weight savings over last years Fuse, coming in at 980 grams. Well now we are here to apologize to everyone. In designing the binding, we improved the strength

Concentracion de Splitboard!

After the ISPO tradeshow, being stuck inside underneath florescent light with the off-gassing of new product vapor, Will and Becca were lucky enough to be able to spend a few days in the BEAUTIFUL Valle de Aran in the Spanish Pyrenees at the 3rd annual Concentracion de Splitboard! The weather was perfect and the snow
We’ve redesigned our Dynafit adapters for the ’09/’10 season.  This system allows hard booters to drop 340 g (3/4 lb) off their feet while touring – and increases edging power.  The toe pieces can be used in a releasable mode for increased safety in avalanche areas, or a locked mode for maximum security.  Uses only
Hey folks, Our friend Josh Dirksen sent us an email about the 3rd annual Dirksen Derby coming up in about a month.  From years past it looks really fun, how could a “snowboard rally race” not be that way?  New for this year is a splitboard division, results will combine time on the way up

TGR press and Jones

Some more images and words that keep coming our way from the top riders on the planet like Jeremy Jones: http://www.tetongravity.com//photos/Jeremy-Jonesandhistrusty-Spark-R-Dsrelaxbetweenlines-5074355.htm We are proud to be involved with ‘Deeper’ and are super pumped to see what comes about next year! Congratulations to Jeremy and the new Jones Snowboards company. In celebration we whipped up a