Spark Introduces Splinder the World's First Splitboard Specific App


Bozeman, Mont - Spark R&D, the creators of the Tesla T1 Binding System and the now famous SplitbordicTrack, are diving into the tech world. This spring they released the world's first splitboard specific application for smartphones and table devices called Splinder.

The app allows splitboarders to connect with each other via online profiles. When two splitboarders like each others profile, they are able to then communicate with one other via the app and make plans.

"We understand how busy people are today," explains Will Ritter, owner and lead designer at Spark R&D. "Our goal with creating this app was to simply make it easier for splitboarders to connect with one another. I am an active user of the app and now have so many Splinder 'dates' my wife is getting a little jealous"

Downloads for the app are exceeding the companies original projections.

"We knew this would be popular," says Ritter, "but we're pretty surprised by how well the app has been received. Splinder is growing so fast that we're planning to replace one of our CNC machines with a powerful computer server. We think we've really hit a sweet spot in the splitboard market."

Splinder is available to download on Amazon, Google Play, and The App Store.


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