Spark R&D Annual T-Shirt Design Contest

Spark T-Shirt Design Contest

Have you ever wandered through your local shop and thought, I could design a way sweeter t-shirt than this? Do you have some epic or maybe just burgeoning design skills? Well, here is your chance to design that shirt you’ve always wanted, for a brand you know. It’s once again time for Spark R&D’s annual T-Shirt Design Contest.

If we choose your design, you’ll win a pair of splitboard bindings for your efforts, as well as a hoodie and t-shirt with YOUR design on them. (Plus, you’ll be famous according to us.)

Here are the rules:

–  Design a shirt that contains the Spark R&D logo.
–  Keep it to two colors maximum (t-shirt fabric does not count as a color).
–  Design needs to fit within a 12” x 12” (30cm x 30cm) area.
–  Artwork is best submitted in vector format – .pdf, .eps, .ai, etc – but we’ll take .jpgs and .pngs too.

So start sketching and show us what you’ve got. Don’t be shy, just have fun with it. We love seeing the creative ideas you all come up with every season.

Please submit entries to and be sure to include your full contact info including mailing address, phone number, and email. Designs must be submitted by Tuesday, December 22nd. We’ll pick a winner by the end of the year.

Good Luck!

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