Trip Report: Ullr’s Playground


The awesome beauty of Norway, where ocean and mountains collide.

By Justin Lamoureux


Justin Lamoureux and crew in the Lyngen Alps, Norway.

Through a haze of jetlag I hear Miikka Haast say, “…it starts with a 20 meter rappel into a 50 degree, 3-meter-wide couloir…yes, let’s do that…” Sounds like a great first run in Norway!


Justin rapping into Øksehogget, or the “axe cleave” — his first run in Norway.

This past May, I was lucky enough to join friends Miikka Haast and Jonas Hagstrom in their adopted playground of Tamokdallen and Lyngen in Northern Norway. I didn’t know what to expect, but as I soon found out, the area is mind blowing.

Rising right out of the ocean and up to about 1,800 meters in elevation, the area is primarily alpine terrain. ‘Steep’ would be the best single word to describe the riding.

Nearly every mountain has epic, steep faces and couloirs splitting the rocks. Access is easy — straight up — and if you need to cross a farm to get somewhere, just be sure to close the gate behind you.

My trip had 11 days of possible splitboarding and we rode every single day. From powder to slush (mostly powder) we got the best conditions of the year and rode some area classics.

Highlights included two possible first descents; a second descent; camping out; hunting for first descents; and overall had an epic time.


Jonas Hagstrom in the Lyngen Alps.

I never thought it would be that good in Norway, but it is an amazing place and truly worth a trip.

There are not a lot of places to stay in the Tamok area, so if you go, hit up Aadne Olsrud at Olsrud Adventures ( He has places to stay and, as the local avalanche forecaster, has tons of area info.

Takk Ullr!!


Miikka Haast scouting the lines.