Think Between the Lines

Michaela Precourt last year raised enough money to buy a fleet of splitboards for her College. She then used them for the backcountry snowboarding program she created for a company in Alaska called Wild Alpine.  For the past two years, Michaela has been building curriculum, guiding, marketing, and basically doing whatever she could to get this program off the ground, while still attending college full time! Her hard worked paid off.  Both Wild Alpine and Prescott College have splitboard programs .  This fall she is making a splitboard documentary about her project and the splitboarding community. The documentary is called “THINK BETWEEN the LINES” and it is premiering at the 2nd Annual Snow Film Fundraiser,  November 17, 2011 at Prescott College. Spark R&D has helped with this project from the beginning and will be doing so again this year. We are stoked for Michaela and everyone that is able to benefit from the programs she has created.

THINK BETWEEN the LINES from Michaela Precourt on Vimeo.

a SPLITBOARD DOCUMENTARY about my senior project and the splitboard community.