“Splitboarding has changed my view on how we can travel in the mountains, there are no limits. Spark R&D helps make this possible!” 


Hometown: Farellones, Chile
Currently resides: Boulder, CO, USA | Farellones, Chile
Current sponsors: Zeal Optics, TREW Gear, Verizon, Kind Snacks, Arbor
Bindings: Surge

Rafael was born in Paris, France, and grew up all over the world. He has always been active in the outdoors but didn’t actually begin snowboarding until age 17. Now 21, he has been snowboarding double seasons between North and South America for 4 years. Rafael splits his time between his hometown in Chile and the United States. He is currently residing in Boulder, CO where he is pursuing three separate degrees at the University of Colorado. His plans for the 2016/17 season include trips to 8 challenging ranges around the world to finish the Connections Movement film project.

Q & A

My most epic splitboard adventure so far has to probably be getting a first snowboard descent on Volcan Puntiagudo in Patagonia and riding 20,000+ ft volcanoes deep in the Andes. Also riding the deepest of deep snow in Hokkaido is right up there!

Traveling and finishing my project (Connections Film) off strong around the world.

Curiosity to go beyond and explore the unknown.

The environment inspires me, how things have come to be. This is one of the main reasons why I splitboard - to inspire other people to get out there and to get to know the environment one on one.

I ride Spark R&D because I trust the gear with my life. When exposed in dangerous terrain I feel sturdy when touring and riding. The gear is very strong and I haven’t had any issues with the bindings or any other gear while putting it to the test on all types of terrain and weather.