Look who’s on Sparks!!

At Spark R&D we are pretty excited to know you fellow backcountry riders are digging our bindings, and we really appreciate the positive feedback we get from riders around the world. Recenlty the Spark R&D Ignition II bindings found their way into the hands of a few more big names in the snowboarding world.. the likes of Travis Rice and Tom Burt! Needless to say we are pretty stoked!

Click any of the pics below for a larger view.


Travis Rice

To see a little more on Travis, check out this link to Lib Tech’s “Ripper” page.. some cool pictures and an interview about the making of ‘That’s It, That’s All.

Tom Burt

Tom Burt

To check out Tom and his new splitboard model in the works, check out his Blog.

In other hot news, Spark aficionado Jeremy Jones and crew are getting into a pretty epic splitboarding adventure:


look at all those splits!

Check out more on Jeremy and ‘Deeper’ HERE.

Thanks for reading, more soon!

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