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Blaze TR Pin Mount Splitboard Bindings

Overview and Features

The Blaze TR is Tour Ready, with LT brackets and dual height wires, so all you need in addition is pucks, a splitboard, and motivation to get out there. This original pin mount model is an economical yet high-performance choice for new or seasoned splitboarders. The Blaze TR is designed for the all-around adventurer looking for straightforward tech and lightweight touring deep into the backcountry. The Blaze TR  features our Pillow Line ankle and toe straps. The ankle strap has a small footprint around the boot with a flex window for max agility while maintaining support.

We believe that everyone who has a splitboard should have a splitboard specific binding. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for new or casual splitboarders to get out and enjoy all the awesomeness that the backcountry has to offer.

In the Box: Bindings, pins, mounting screws, LT Brackets, Dual Height Climbing Wires, and Spark pocket tool.

What Else Do I Need? A set of Spark Pucks or Spark Canted Pucks.

Weight: 1.42lb/ea (644g) - 2.84lb/pr (1288g) – Medium

Tour Ready Components: Comes with LT Brackets and Dual Height Climbing Wires.

Pin Mount: Stainless steel pin attached via a cable. Pin is pushed through the binding and touring bracket and held in place by tucking the arm of the pin under the toe strap next to your boot to lock the binding in tour or ride mode.

Pillow Line Straps: The Blaze TR features our Pillow Line ankle and toe straps. The ankle strap has a small footprint around the boot with a flex window for max agility while maintaining support.

Rip ‘N’ Flip Highbacks: The Blaze TR Rip ‘N’ Flip highback comes in a nice medium flex for a surfy ride down.

Baseplate Design: CNC machined baseplates with maximum cutouts shave weight, yet maintain strength and performance.

Dual Height Wires: Made in-house by Spark R&D. Wires offer 12° and 18° angles for comfort on any skin track.

Bushings: Custom-made brass bushings for exceptional durability.

Buckles: All Pillow Line straps incorporate Burton's time-tested bomber buckles.

Plastics: Produced in-house with a unique thermoplastic that maintains flex over wide temperature variation,  our plastics perform well on spring tours as well as sub-zero suffer fests

Spark Pucks:  Near infinite adjustability for splitboards built with inserts. The unique, patented design gives the Spark Pucks channel-like adjustability for regular splitboards.

Spark Canted Pucks: All the same great features of our Spark Pucks, but with 3° canting for reduced knee strain. Spark Canted Pucks offer near infinite adjustability for splitboards with inserts. Quick mounting with super fine foot placement, angle, and toe/heel centering adjustments.

Mr. Chomps Crampons: Whether it’s slick, steep, firm, or all of the above, Mr. Chomps crampons are your ticket to the top of surly skin tracks.

BD Touring Strap: Less fatigue equals more fun in the backcountry. The BD Touring Strap is designed to slot through all Spark R&D highbacks and wrap around the top of your boot to provide additional support and edging power while touring.

Blaze TR pin mount bindings are compatible with Spark Pucks and Spark Canted Pucks.

Also compatible with Spark Solid Board Pucks and Canted Solid Board Pucks.