Chamonix Ice Fest

After a hectic run of SIA and ISPO trade shows, and almost a month without riding, we felt it was about time to hit the snow. So we packed up our gear in Munich and drove to Chamonix, France to check out the splitboard scene and visit Zero G, our dealer in Chamonix. We had heard rumors all week long about how terrible the snow was out there, as it hadn’t snowed in well over a month. But we figured we would be able to find something fun to ride out there.

Zero G, Chamonix France

Sweet splitboard selection!

Despite the grim snow reports, the Zero G and Spark crew set out on a tour in the greater Cham area. The conditions weren’t all bad. It was sunny and very pleasant out. However the snow conditions would be best described as… well, “firm”. The touring was actually quite nice and the scenery was amazing.


We would like to thank Martin at Zero G for the hospitality, and Tom from Zero G for taking out. Hopefully next year the snow will cooperate a bit more. Until then, we can at least find solace in the fact that Americans are by far superior thumb wrestling champions. Thanks for the competition guys, if you wanna call it that. Jeff will be looking forward to defending his title next year.

Heated thumb wrestling battle

Who has two thumbs and kicks ass at thumb wrestling... This guy!

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