SIA 2011, what are those YAhoos up to?

We made our annual migration to SIA at the end of January to showcase our 2011/2012 product and to catch up with some good friends. The last year flew by and with splitboarding becoming more popular worldwide, it’s kept us really busy. It felt good to take a break, get some face time with our retailers and customers, and drink a few beers.

Here are some highlights:

Our Booth! If you look closely you'll see the new Burner binding, our new tailclips, and the new Spark boot by Deluxe 😉

Travis Rice gives a salute to the Spark R&D team

Danny Davis says - I love my LTs! Will and Jeff say - He loves his LTs

Johan Olofsson and Will coincidentally making the same face while showing off the new Blaze bindings and Johan's new Odin board by Venture -

Chris Coulter and Jeff posing in the Spark booth

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