Check out the new hotness!

Spark R&D is psyched to bring you splitphiles news on our fresh binding! Introducing for the 2009/2010 season.. the Fuse!

Following up the Backcountry Editors Choice Awarded Ignition II, the Fuse has a pile of improvements. We will be manufacturing the baseplates and heel loops completely in house, offering a solid one piece CNC design, stronger pivots, lighter weight, and a few other benefits. Check out the complete details on our website!

Also be on the lookout for some discounted Ignition II’s.. (check out our home page/store.. hint, hint)

2 Comments to “Check out the new hotness!”

  1. Markus says :

    Nice work with the system!! Not sure, though, that I fully understand the premise behind the slick surface. While I appreciate the sentiment that it reduces snow buildup, I’m not sure that is necessary. Ideally, one would never have to remove the binding from the boot during the transition. Pull the pin, transition while still wearing the binding, re-insert the pin. Because the boot does not leave the binding, that in and of itself should reduce/minimize snow buildup, no? And so, I would prefer to have a grippy surface underfoot for control/stability.

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