Spark R&D welcomes newest member of the team..Betty!

After convincing the bank we are indeed responsible adults.. it became time to put a workhorse in place here at Spark. Up to bat is one used Haas VF-3 20 hp Vertical Milling Machine! Even though it came to the door two days early.. some quick phone calls and rallied crew got Betty in her new resting spot without much trouble. Check out the vid:

2 Comments to “ Spark R&D welcomes newest member of the team..Betty!”

  1. Klem says :

    “Over her! No, over here. No no no, over here! Yeah, that’s it…”

    Nice work, congratulations!

  2. Nick Poncelet says :

    I ran the idea of trading off part of the crane work for a set of binders by the boss, but that was a no go. They seem to be the cat’s meow, maybe they’ll go for it on the next machine. Thanks for the business Will, Keep up the good work!

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