Ryland Bell

“I ride Sparks because they are simple, strong, and I can trust them. I have ridden hands down the heaviest lines of my life on my splitboard and I wouldn’t be able to do that without having total faith in my equipment.”

—Ryland Bell

Ryland Bell
Team Rider
Hometown: Elfin Cove, AK, USA
Currently resides: Haines, AK, USA

A native of Elfin Cove, AK, Ryland is no stranger to riding the steepest and most technical lines in the mountains of Alaska.  Riding alongside Jeremy Jones, Ryland has headlined in the award winning TGR films Deeper and Further and appeared in the Sweetgrass productions Solitaire and Valhalla.  Self-described as a professional fisherman and snowboard hobbyist, Ryland continues to push the boundaries of big mountain freestyle snowboarding.  When he’s not riding spines in AK or the Tahoe backcountry you will find him salmon fishing off the coast of Alaska.

Q & A

Q. Years snowboarding?
A. 15 years

Q. Years splitboarding?
A. 6 years

Q. What Spark R&D gear do you ride?
A. I have been riding the Burner, but am excited to ride the new AfterBurners.

Q. Why ride Spark gear?
A. I ride Spark gear because it holds up. I can feel confident in it when I need it most. I’m a heavy guy and when I’m barreling down mountains, solid gear can be the only thing keeping me alive.

Q. How much splitboarding do you do?
A. I do about a third of my days on a splitboard. And I ride 150+ days a year.

Q. How has splitboarding changed snowboarding?
A. Splitboarding has made a new culture within snowboarding. It is much more like surfing now. All you need is your board; you aren’t controlled by lift access or machines. Just pack up your kit and go wherever you like.

Q. For you, what’s a perfect day splitboarding?
A. Climbing peaks in AK and charging pow!