Claudia Avon

“Spark is the best splitboarding binding you can get. It gives you a great response on the board.”

—Claudia Avon

Claudia Avon
Team Rider
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Currently resides: Whistler, B.C., Canada

Canadian Claudia Avon, 28, was born in Montreal and now calls Whistler, B.C. home. Growing up, Claudia was heavily involved in ski racing, where she competed at a high level. After moving to Whistler, she began to pursue snowboarding. Not long after, she was competing – and winning – snowboarding competitions, culminating in a finals appearance in the 2010 US Open. Nowadays, Claudia focuses most of her attention to exploring the backcountry and filming.

Q & A

Q. Years snowboarding?
A. 7 years

Q. Years splitboarding?
A. 3 years

Q. What Spark R&D gear do you ride?
A. Magneto bindings and Sabertooth crampons

Q. Why ride Spark gear?
A. Spark is the best splitboarding binding you can get. It gives you a great response on the board.

Q. How much splitboarding do you do?
A. A fair amount. I had the chance to check out Mt. Cain on Vancouver Island a couple winters ago. We were splitboarding in a crazy snowstorm and it was great. What’s awesome about splitboarding is that you can go on long trips, some real missions. As long as you have packed enough food, you can keep going. I usually like to do long trips to get to explore the zone I am in more elaborately. It feels like pure freedom and I love it.

Q. How has splitboarding changed snowboarding?
A. You have time to think when you are hiking and it gives you the time to be grateful for what you do.

Q. For you, what’s a perfect day splitboarding?
A. Good weather and snow conditions, good crew and riding some lines that makes your adrenaline go up.