Voile Splitboard Canted Puck Set

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The Voile Splitboard Canted Pucks allow for a more relaxed stance by bringing the knees inward toward each other, which promotes better alignment through the ankles, knees, and hips. This results in a more powerful and balanced position on top of the board.

The Canted Puck Set is compatible with all Spark R&D bindings and are recommended for our Dyno DH hardboot bindings.

  • Includes 4, 3-degree canted pucks
  • 4 puck gaskets
  • 2 in-line slot discs (with support posts)
  • 2 parallel slot discs (with support posts)
  • 5-M6x12mm pan head screws (with yellow thread lock)
  • 9-M6x13mm pan head screws (with blue thread lock)
  • Puck alignment guide


Voile Canted Pucks Setup Guide