Trip Report: Ullr’s Playground

By Justin Lamoureux Through a haze of jetlag I hear Miikka Haast say, “…it starts with a 20 meter rappel into a 50 degree, 3-meter-wide couloir…yes, let’s do that…” Sounds like a great first run in Norway! This past May, I was lucky enough to join friends Miikka Haast and Jonas Hagstrom in their adopted

Trip Report: The Canadian Rockies

  By Clark Corey In the spring, the travel bug can become quite strong. Which got me thinking: A cold and wet spring in Montana surely means it’s looking good up in the Canadian Rockies. With that in mind, we found ourselves cruising down the Trans-Canadian highway towards Lake Louise. I didn’t take long to

Postcard from Kyrgyzstan

British splitboarder Mike Handford and a group of freeride skiers from New Zealand and Australia are currently traveling through Kyrgyzstan riding and skiing the remote mountains that blanket the country. With little information about this former Soviet country, they set out aiming to explore as much of the terrain as possible, while educating local guides

Sean Busby in Tasmania

Cave Camping in Antarctica

Our buddy Tommy dropped us another note after his latest adventure down in Antarctica. Read below: Hi Spark, Still in the thick of winter here. I’ve been planning a mountain ascent next week on a peak that’s out of our travel exclusion zone. It’s quite a big one and will really test the splitty out.

Snowboarde​rs are now Useful

Injury Simulation
Our buddy Tom Whitfield checking in again from Antarctica.     Hi Spark, Done something quite interesting the other day. I had made a stretcher and we decided to go out and test it in our pulk. It was a search and rescue exercise. We simulated a broken leg in the hills. We all gathered

Riding Antarctica​

A little love from our friend Tom down in Antarctica. Not the easiest place to ship some Blaze bindings or Chomps too! Here is a note and some pics Tom was nice enough to share with us… Hey Spark! Well long awaited my remaining parts for my Jeremy Jone’s split board finally turned up, after
  Coulter and Skylar Splitboarding at SASS from SASS Global Travel on Vimeo. South America Snow Sessions guides Chris Coulter and Skylar Holgate go big-mountain buck hunting on their splitboards at SASS summer 2010. Want to get your split on this summer? Hit up