Spark R&D T-Shirt Design Contest

Greetings and happy summer to all of our Spark fans. Each day brings us closer and closer to the launch of our 2011-2012 product line and we are getting excited. We promise to have a number of changes to our existing products, as well as a few new items to keep you stoked in the backcountry this coming season.

Continuing on with the new, it is time once again for us to order our new selection of softgoodies for the year. This means flipping through pages and pages of catalogs, arguing about colors, and of course coming up with graphics. So this year we wanted to do something a little different. We are opening up the design input to everyone. We are giving you a chance to design the graphics for this year’s shirts and hoodies. If you happen to come up with something brilliant, we will even throw you a new pair of 2011/12 bindings for your trouble.

Why are we doing this??? That is a pretty good question. Some might say that we are lazy. Others think that we are too busy enjoying the snow left in the high country. But honestly, we are just too busy making the best damn splitboard bindings EVER! So who better to get involved than the Spark R&D faithful? If you think you have something for us, read the rules below.

– Design a shirt that contains the Spark R&D logo   (downloadable here) (download shirt template)
– Do not change or alter our logo in any fashion!!!
– Keep it to two colors maximum
– Submit your entries by August 25th.
– Send your entries in jpeg format along with your full mailing address, phone number and email in case you’re a winner. Submit entries to

Once we choose the winner, we will make you famous by shipping your shirt design all over the planet. This will be our ONLY shirt graphic for the 2011/12 season. We will hook the winning designer up with his or her own shirts and hoodies, as well as a custom pair of either Burner of Blaze bindings.

The Winner will be announced September 1st.

Good luck to everyone and start designing.

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