Cave Camping in Antarctica

Our buddy Tommy dropped us another note after his latest adventure down in Antarctica. Read below:

Hi Spark,

Still in the thick of winter here. I’ve been planning a mountain
ascent next week on a peak that’s out of our travel exclusion zone.
It’s quite a big one and will really test the splitty out. It’s a 5
day trip and I’ve been training quite hard for it, as it’s going to be a
grawler. I went on a camping trip this weekend to a cave on the other
side of the peninsula. I took the board to see how I would cope with a
winter pack with all my rations, fuel, tent, bags survival equipment
and so on. To my delight I found that I was able to get down the hill
with it all on. I’m definitely getting the hang of boarding fully
laden. These packs come in at around 30kgs, so turning is a little
complex. You really have to commit but once on either edge your plain

On the way we passed a really nicely presented snowdrift loaded face,
so I couldn’t resist ditching the bag, and
riding a few lines.

Weather was really good, but after spending the night in the cave we
woke up to a storm and a white out. So it was a bitch getting home.
Took some slogging and had to resort to snowshoeing as we couldn’t see
well enough to ride-shame.

But all in all a good weekend away and I’m ready for “black peak” next week



Thanks for the update Tommy. The snow looks pretty good down there. Enjoy it!


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