Dirksen Derby This Weekend

Dates: December 11-12, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday)
Saturday: The running order for Saturday will be as follows:   Grom Snowboarders will go first thing in the morning, then the Women Snowboarders, followed by the “Older and Wiser division”.  The Sit-Skiier divisions (which include mono-ski and bi-ski) will have the choice of dropping whenever they want during the day.  (I would suggest earlier the better for less ruts and cleaner lines).
The splitboard division will start at high noon (12:00).  All splitboarders need to meet at the TOP of the course at about 11:45.  You will need to carry your gear (poles & skins) with you at all times.  So bring a backpack!  The race this year will include both change-overs from snowboard to ski to back to snowboard.
Sunday: Mens snowboard, Derby Elites, and Token Skiier divisions.  The running order for the day will be based on when you pick up your bib number.  If you come early, you will be dropping into the course early.  If you come late, you will probably be dropping later in the day.  The Derby Elite division will have the choice of dropping whenever they want during the day.  The Token Skiiers must register at the hill on Saturday or Sunday morning.
Registration: Online registration is recommended, but there will be registration at the hill.  If you register online, your wait time up at the lodge will be a lot less.  Registration at the lodge starts around 8:30 A.M. on the lower level of West Village lodge.  Come early.
The Course:  Parallel Slalom! Each racer will get one run down each of the two Derby courses for a combined time.  Fastest combined time wins.  To compete for the top spots in the race, racers must complete runs down each of the two courses.   If you are just coming up to have fun, you can choose to go down wherever you like.   As always, we are building the two courses to be low angle, with big tight banks and about 30 seconds long.  Boards with tight sidecuts are recommended.
Practice Runs: We are planning on having practice between 9:00 and 10:00 on both mornings and hopefully some in the afternoon on Saturday (depending on snowfall and course conditions).  Practice is recommended.  Mens Snowboarder competitors!! Come up Saturday to cheer your friends on, enjoy some Chowder from Parilla.
Award Ceremonies: Change of plan! We are going to have two separate Award Ceremonies at the end of each race day.  They will be held in the classic spot up at the mountain, in the West Villiage Lodge.  The starting time will be about 3:00.  Everyone at the ceremony will have a chance to win some of the gear.  (about half of the product will be reserved for giveaway).  We got a recieved tons of free stuff from Salomon (5 boards), Bonfire, Dakine, GoPro (15 cameras), Skull Candy (50+ headphones), Smith, BoardasFuck.com and Airblaster.  Splitboarders! there has also been rumors of some special edition Dirksen Derby Spark R&D bindings!
Party: Saturday at Velvet Bar in downtown Bend 7:00-ish
Lodging: The Inn of the 7th Mountain offered $99 per night.  Just let them know you are here for the Derby.

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