TGR press and Jones

Some more images and words that keep coming our way from the top riders on the planet like Jeremy Jones:

We are proud to be involved with ‘Deeper’ and are super pumped to see what comes about next year!

Congratulations to Jeremy and the new Jones Snowboards company. In celebration we whipped up a pair of our new Fuse dressed in appropriate duds.. check out more of Jones here.


PS.. yes, the FUSE are coming!! We have crampons in the store ; )

2 Comments to “TGR press and Jones”

  1. j says :

    What’s the ETA on the Fuse being available again? Any plans to do a green or purple baseplate?

  2. Evan says :

    I would love to see some cool pro models out there from you guys. way to support the sports guys. yeaaah!

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