New Graphics!!

We are putting a new binding together with our current Ignition II baseplates, built around the Bent Metal Biscuit binder. They have a different graphic.. so we drew up some new art for our baseplates, check em out! We have a few pair of both Black and Red Larges in the store as we speak, Smalls will be coming soon.


Thanks for stoppin’ by!

2 Comments to “New Graphics!!”

  1. wildschnee says :

    hey will – looks like a spacemann …..
    for europ is to dark this year are max brow and blue coolors of the eath.
    the had all hippe flower s in the head…

    my tip take a silver edition line . ore gold custom pice.

    markus from wildschnee

  2. samh says :

    Nerdy and rad all at the same time.

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